Crucial French Verbs : Conjugations in Present

I have listed some important French verbs that are mandatory for the beginners of French. The conjugations are in present form only for the moment. I will include more for your convenience later.

Les verbes je/j’ tu il/elle nous vous ils/elles
acheter achète achètes achète achetons achetez achètent
adorer adore adores adore adorons adorez adorent
aimer aime aimes aime aimons aimez aiment
aller vais vas va allons allez vont
apprendre apprends apprends apprend apprenons apprenez apprennent
arriver arrive arrives arrive arrivons arrivez arrivent
attendre attends attends attend attendons attendez attendent
avoir ai as a avons avez ont
boire bois bois boit buvons buvez boivent
chercher cherche cherches cherche cherchons cherchez cherchent
comprendre comprends comprends comprend comprennons comprenez comprennet
conduire conduis conduis conduit conduison conduizez condisent
connaître connais connais connaît connaissons connaissez connaissent
croire crois crois croit croyons croyez croient
descendre descends descends descend descendons descendez descendent
détester déteste détestes détest détestons détestez détestent
devoir dois dois doit devons devez doivent
dire dis dis dit disons dites disent
dormir dors dors dort dormons dormez dorment
écrire écris écris écrit écrivons écrivez écrivent
entendre entends entends entend entendons entendez entendent
entrer entre entres entre entrons entrez entrent
étudier étudie étudies étudie étudions étudiez étudi
faire fais fais fait faisons faites font
fumer fume fumes fume fumons fumez fument
habiter habite habites habite habitons habitez habitent
lire lis lis lit lisons lisez lisent
manger mange manges mange mangeons mangez mangent
mesurer mesure mesures mesure mesurons mesurez mesurent
monter monte montes monte montons montez montent
mourir meurs meurs meurt mourons mourez mourent
naître nais nais naît naissons naissez naissent
parler parle parles parle parlons parlez parlent
partir pars pars part partons partez partent
passer passe passes passe passons passez passent
peser pèse pèses pèse pesons pesez pèsent
pouvoir peux peux peut pouvons pouvez peuvent
prendre prends prends prend prenons prenez prennet
regarder regarde regardes regarde regardons regardez regardent
rencontrer rencontre rencontres rencontre rencontrons rencontrez rencontrent
rentrer rentre rentres rentre rentrons rentrez rentrent
répondre réponds réponds répond répondons répondez répondent
rester reste restes reste restons restez restent
retourner retourne retournes retourne retournons retournez retournent
revenir reviens reviens revient revenons revenez reviennent
savoir sais sais sait savons savez savent
sortir sors sors sort sortons sortez sortent
tomber tombe tombes tombe tombons tombez tombent
travailler travaille travailles travaille travaillons travaillez travaillent
trouver trouve trouves trouve trouvons trouvez trouvent
venir viens viens vient venons venez viennent
visiter visite visites visite visitons visitez visitent
voir vois vois voit voyons voyez voient
vouloir veux veux veut voulons voulez veulent
voyager voyage voyages voyage voyageons voyagez voyagent

Some pronominal verbs are listed below:

Les verbes je tu il/elle nous vous ils/elles
s’appeler m’appelle t’appelles s’appelle nous appelons vous appelez s’appellent
se dépêcher me dépêche te dépêches se dépêche nous dépêchons vous dépêchez se dépêchent
s’habiller m’habille t’habilles s’habille nous habillons vous habillez s’habillent
se laver me lave te laves se lave nous lavons vous lavez se lavent
se lever me lève te lèves se lève nous levons vous levez se lèvent
s’occuper m’occupe t’occupes s’occupe nous occupons vous occupez s’occupent
se préparer me prépare te prépares se prépare nous préparons vous préparez se préparent
se réveiller me réveille te réveilles se réveille nous réveillons vous réveillez se réveillent

CU Day 2016 : 50 Years of Our Beloved University

For someone who hardly explored any area outside own locality until the completion of secondary education, the exposure to the world at the tertiary level of education meant an exclusive change in attitude and lifestyle. My world changed when I got admitted at CU. Well, I wrote about my enthusiasm and experiences after passing CU admission test before.

At the beginning of the year 2016, I also attended the 4th Convocation of my university. I am a proud alumnus of CU like the hundred thousands of current students and alumni. Today, I am happy to share with you the news that the university authority decided to celebrate the golden jubilee of CU on 18th and 19th November 2016. I have already registered for the event.

I wanted to clarify the whole process to you and that is why I decided to create a video. The video will explain the online registration process clearly for you. The current students do not need to make a payment. Thereby, they can proceed to Login right after the completion of Registration phase.

Muktagacha Palace, Mymensingh, Bangladesh

A Wonderful Day at Mymensingh

I was looking for an opportunity to step out of my monotonous routine. Traveling has become my passion in recent years and I try to mingle with people who are attached to the habit of roaming around. On 23rd September of the year 2016, I took the opportunity of visiting Mymensingh City. It was a wonderful day at Mymensingh city. To begin, we can go through some vital information about the city. Mymensingh (/maɪmɛnsiːŋ/) is a beautiful city in Mymensingh District. The district is positioned in the central region of Bangladesh and ideally situated at the bank of Brahmaputra. The Brahmaputra gives the city a special flavor. Like many others, I believe that a place is only as good as the people who live in the place. The people of Mymensingh value education and precisely because of the reason the city is known for educational institutions like Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh Medical College, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Mymensingh Engineering College, Mymensingh Ananda Mohan College, Mymensingh Zilla School, Mymensingh Girls’ Cadet College, Mymensingh Muminunnesa Women’s College, Vidyamoyee Govt. Girls’ High School, Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute, Women Teachers Training College, Mymensingh Engineering College, Notre Dame College Mymensingh and Shahid Syed Nazrul Islam College etc. The city is located about 120 kilometers north of Dhaka.

Dhaka to Mymensingh Bus Route

Dhaka to Mymensingh Bus Route (Mohakhali Bus Stop – Maskanda Bus Stop)

I failed to manage a ticket for any train to Mymensingh and decided to travel by bus. However, I managed to reserve the return ticket of Agnibina Express online. The route to Mymensingh is quite straightforward as illustrated on the Google Map above. However, I did not have any idea what was waiting for me. I would have avoided bus journeys on the route. On the evening of 22nd September, I got on a bus of SHOUKHIN Paribahan from Mohakhali Bus Stand. I was informed about the bus service by my host Sajedul Islam and he warned me about the poor records of some services. I did not have much of a choice as I reached the station late after saying the evening prayer.

The journey was boring and I felt exasperated. It was Thursday evening and the outbound traffic of Dhaka city was beyond control. It did cost us about three hours to cover a distance of about 36 kilometers from Mohakhali to Gazipur. On a normal day, the distance could be covered in about one and a half hour. After passing busy traffic of Gazipur, we felt relieved and the rest of the journey was soothing.

We reached Mymensingh just after midnight. The place where the bus concluded the trip is called Maskanda, and I felt thankful as my hosts of Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute literally rushed to the bus stop to pick me. The hosts were so amiable and friendly that I forgot the straits of five long-lasting hours. The dinner reminded me of my solitary years in Chittagong. It was tin-shed building, a makeshift private dormitory for 16 young engineers of Mymensingh Polytechnic Institute (MPI). I lived under similar conditions in Chittagong city for almost six years. I felt nostalgic and admired the dedication of the future engineers. Their enthusiasm and hospitality elated my soul.

Being tired, I settled down quickly on the single bed of Apan Chandra Shaha, the amazing CSE guy from MPI. I even forgot to ask him whether there was another place where he would be able to sleep that night. How thoughtful of me! He took so much trouble for me in the few hours I stayed in Mymensingh that I got a complete picture of the people of Mymensingh in a day. The next day was Friday — the official weekend. I got up late and kept pushing my hosts to get ready for our special tour. Sajedul, Apan and Emamul Hasan Shifat (another radiant youth from Electrical department of MPI) accompanied me throughout the day. We started with Mymensingh Medical College and the adjacent Medical College Hospital. I have been to a few public hospitals before but the maintenance and texture of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital impressed me a lot. The garden within the hospital compound is captivating. We came across Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Science, a special organization that works under Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.

Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences, Mymensingh

INMAS, Mymensingh

We took light refreshments in the hospital canteen (where special chairs are reserved for doctors). You have to appreciate the taste of the locals. I loved the chairs and felt sad that I never tried seriously for medical sciences. Alexander Castle Mymensingh and Ashraf AhmedOur next destination was Alexander Castle, the present library of Higher Secondary Teachers Training Institute, Mymensingh. We took a few snaps of the dilapidated building. The building was built in 1879 and it is still intact. I made my presence public using the “check in” feature of Facebook. It would have been great to have a look at the books preserved in the library. But it was a holiday after all and I had to move on quickly. Our next destination was Shoshi Lodge (Women Teachers Training College), a beautiful structure stationed close the office of District Commissioner of Mymensingh district. The gardeners were working on the resplendent garden when we walked in. The place radiates energy. It has to be the perfect place for training teachers who build our society and enlighten young minds. We took some blissful selfies before leaving the place. Shifat and Apan disappeared for a while as we explored the surroundings of Shoshi Lodge and DC office. The regional post office is also located in the area. We took lemon tea at a local shop. Oh! I would not forget the taste of the tea for a while. I wish I were a regular client of the tea-stall.

In the meantime, we decided to go to the Zamindar’s Palace located at Muktagacha, a suburb of Mymensingh city. It took a 30-minute ride by a three-wheeler to reach Muktagacha. On the way, we caught the sight of Mymensingh Divisional Stadium (Rafiq Uddin Bhuiyan Stadium) and Mymensingh Engineering College. The time of special Friday prayer was approaching. The security guards at the gate of Rajbari did not allow us to go in and advised us to go after the prayer time. We went to the local mosque and listened to the sermon of the Imam attentively. The preacher was an old man but he was full of enthusiasm. His explained a few misconceptions of our society giving examples from his own experience as an adolescent. The speech itself would suffice for all the troubles I faced to visit Mymensingh. The approach of an Imam tells a lot about a society and the beliefs of a community. I felt refreshed after the prayer. All on a sudden, it started drizzling. When we entered the famous palace, the sky started to smile again. We took mesmerizing photographs of the palace. If you go through the pictures available on Internet, you will be disappointed. However, I cannot resist the temptation to give you the good news. The renovation works are in progress. You will discover the palace in a better condition the next time you visit the palace.

Inside Muktagacha Zamindar's PalacePassing some memorable moments at the palace, we decided to have the famous dessert of the locality — Monda. The ancient dessert shop of Gopal Paul (where the dessert is prepared originally) was established back in 1824. The sweets are unquestionably the best I have ever had. S0 delicious! It was time to return to the city and visit some other remarkable places. We had our lunch at a restaurant named

It was time to return to the city and visit some other remarkable places. We had our lunch at a restaurant named Pinaki near the town hall. The food was decent and we left the place in a satisfied state. Apan left us just after we reached the city and promised to meet us at Bangladesh Agricultural University campus. The most amazing part of the day was waiting for me. We passed the Circuit House and walked to Zainul Abedin Park. The park is on the bank of Brahmaputra. You can hire a boat and enjoy your time. The park was crowded as it was the weekend. I have never seen suck an organized park in my life. At the entrance, you will find a famous restaurant named Sarinda, and the park includes all the amenities you might want. We crossed the park and visited Zainul Abedin Museum. The famous paintings, photographs and other memorials of Zainul Abedin kept us engaged for a while. We had to give up the plan of visiting the botanical garden of Bangladesh Agricultural University. It was a great loss but we could not help it. The weather also turned against us. As soon as we left the park arena, it started to rain cats and dogs. I was supposed to catch a train, and the rain would not allow us to move.

The exciting day came to an abrupt end as rain poured heavily. Sajedul and Apan helped me to reach the railway station on time. They ran around to find my allotted seat. I must say that their hospitality moved me beyond my wildest imagination. I was tempted to stay another day against all the odds. My return journey by train was uneventful. I reached Dhaka Airpor Railway Station at 11.15 PM. Compared to the bus journey, the train journey was comfortable. Honestly, I plan to return to the blessed city for a prolonged visit soon.

The Transition from Public to Private University

Today, I will answer the question that I have to answer during every single interview I sit for. People look at my CV with curiosity. Some find my CV interesting, others find it amusing (in a negative way, of course). Why would a boy with a decent public university degree ruin his life with an MA at a private university? The transition from public to private university is not a natural thing in Bangladesh. People, specially the recruitment staffs of different sectors, are not accustomed to the concept of learning under different conditions. They prefer the normal guys with excellent academic records. The job seekers must know how to follow rules set by the traditions of our system.

Transition from Public to Private University

Transition from Public to Private University

When I was only a graduate without a postgraduate degree, I was so passionate about language teaching that I would have left everything behind if I was given a little chance.

Later, I realized that I was better off with my own ways  of thinking compared to a set of pathetic rules. An MA degree is a social criteria for an Arts graduate in Bangladesh, not a serious research opportunity.

To pursue my dreams of becoming a full-fledged teacher, I enrolled for the course subconsciously.

To start from the beginning, I am a graduate of English Language and Literature from the department of English, University of Chittagong (CU). With an average result compared to others of the department, I was supposed to try for prestigious public services or lucrative banking sector. Unfortunately though, my core skills were computing skills in desktop publishing and moderate web-based programming supported by decent language command over English and French.

I was passionate about technology-based language teaching and I conducted sessions using projectors for about 2 years before my completion of undergraduate studies. I did what appeared natural to me. I wanted a career in teaching which would allow some sort of fusion with technology.

Nobody realized what my CV was pointing at. Even IELTS or NTRCA certifications did not help much. I had to go for my post-graduation although I was not prepared to go back to my life in Chittagong. The job interviews during my MA studies proved painful because everyone wanted an MA in English, no matter how trivial a position they had to offer.

When I started working for my MA degree, I was fascinated by the system. From my childhood, I studied at private schools and colleges. I was comfortable with the procedure in which the system automatically pushes you.

The 6 long years I passed at CU helped me to recognize my position as a moderate student with no superficial abilities. I worked hard at the beginning but failed to keep up because of some personal shortcomings i.e. slow handwriting and slower approach.

At a public university in Bangladesh, you need to go on at your own pace without much support from the system. On the other hand, a private university drew some lines for me and kept me on my toes with deadlines and exams.

I found it easier to adjust and my results were satisfying as I gave my heart to my subjects. My assignments, presentations and other resources that I worked on during my post-graduation are available in ACADEMIA and many students find those resources helpful.

From my experiences, I came to realize one thing. Both the systems work in their own ways. It depends on the students and their attitudes towards education.

Nowadays, many students from low-income families go to private universities as they are desperate for higher education even if it is only for certificates.

Our education system hardly encourages personal development based on personal interests. The system expects everyone to be good at multiple sectors. And unfortunately, the philosophy behind such an education is beyond my intellectual domain. I did well in subjects in which I was passionate about right from the beginning. I merely passed the other ones.

To wind up things, the limitations are abundant in both of the systems — higher studies in public and private universities. It is true that we do not belong to the West but we still need a system which works as a perfect filter for the different types of students with different types of approach towards education in Bangladesh. Both the systems should accommodate individual’s passion and enthusiasm. In near future, we might work on an education system that produces skilled manpower, not just certified graduates.

Using Simple Layouts for Food Services Websites : A Comparative Review

From my previous review on websites of top-level educational institutions of Bangladesh, I was driven to write another one on food service related websites. We know food services hardly require websites as people easily find out their favorite restaurants from search engines. Google reviews and TripAdvisor made life easy for us, and most of the consumers rely on words from mouth. Still, websites are crucial as more and more people are using Internet in their phones and smart devices. Here, I tried to point out the importance of using simple layouts for food services website and give a comparative review of some popular restaurants I heard about.

Website Layout of Panshi Restaurant

Panshi Restaurant Website Layout

Panshi, Chain Restaurant, Sylhet

Key Features:
☑ Developed using popular CMS (WordPress)
☑ Page loading speed is fair
☑ Website contains crucial information
☑ Responsive design

☑ Front page is not eye-catching
☑ Images are not of good quality
☑ Customer’s reviews are missing
☑ Social media profiles are not emphasized

☑ Flexible as it is built with WordPress. A few twists with the theme and optimized images may do the trick.

Website Layout of Bardoce Cafe

Barcode Cafe Website Layout

Barcode Cafe, Chain Restaurant

Key Features:
☑ Attractive front page with simple layout
☑ Professional images in good proportion
☑ Users get a good impression at first glance
☑ Responsive design

☑ Not optimized for search engines
☑ High quality images reduced the site’s loading speed substantially
☑ Customer’s reviews are missing
☑ Lack of quality content in the inner pages
☑ Built with basic HTML and thereby comes with less flexibility

☑ Better content and image optimization might do the trick.

Website Layout of foodpanda

Foodpanda Website Layout

foodpanda, Online Food Order Service

Key Features:
☑ Modern layout and state of the art features
☑ Top level SEO
☑ Supporting mobile applications that makes services easy to reach
☑ Responsive design

☑ Too much information on the front page
☑ No social share options

☑ Accordions would have served better for wrapping up some sections.

Website Layout of Kutumbari

kutumbari website layout

Kutumbari, Lalmatia, Dhaka

Key Features:
☑ Excellent one-page modern layout
☑ Site’s loading speed is commendable
☑ Front page contains all the key contents
☑ Responsive design

☑ No footer and social buttons
☑ Clients’ testimonials not included
☑ Photo gallery is missing

☑ A blog and facebook widget would be helpful.

The restaurants I talked about are renowned ones and I have personally received positive reviews from people. This review is an attempt to complement the websites rather than criticizing them.